I use "Vue Good Table". To analyze Dat "Vue Good Table" uses "Date-FNS" there is a "date" column, which has a property: "DateInputFormat" -specifies the date format, which should be in the data arriving from the server, and "DateoutPutFormat" -specifies the date format that will be derived to the user. From the server arrive in which the date is indicated as "2021-06-01 22: 55: 20.913". In the code, I specify the format 'yyyy-MM-DD HH: MM: SS', however, the data in the table is not displayed, and an error appears in the console What format then you need to specify?

              Label: 'Date',
              Field: 'Createdat',
              Type: 'Date',
              DateInputFormat: 'Yyyy-Mm-DD HH: MM: SS',
              DateOutputFormat: 'Yyyy-Mm-DD HH: mm: ss',

I arrive a record in which the date is recorded as -"2021-06-01 22: 55: 20.913".

'Yyyy-Mm-DD HH: MM: SS.SSS'

yar852021-07-23 20:23:09

Thank you, you really helped). But do not tell me why Yyyy-MM-DD HH: mm: SS.SSS works, and Yyyy-Mm-DD HH: MM: SS.SSS no?

GregoMur2021-07-23 20:23:09

Everything, I understood why. I look in the book, as they say .....

GregoMur2021-07-23 20:23:09