I'm still new to the WordPress and PCP. https://al-arabia-intr.com/ Made such a multilingual site. The translation is made through Polylang plugin, and, accordingly, under each language in the admin package its content. Yaykov versions are available with such an ullation: https://al-arabia-intr.com/ -Main (in Russian) And so on, through Slash /En, /AR, /UK for English, Arabic and UKR languages Then this site was transferred to Seo Spets, and he says that you need to register yet Tags with cherflangs and language versions for individual countries. Ceesman says what is needed like this:

Link REL= "Alternate" href= "https://al-arabia-intr.com/ar-ua/" hreflang= "ar-ua" >
Link REL= "Alternate" href= "https://al-arabia-intr.com/ar-ly/" hreflang= "ar-ly" >
Link REL= "Alternate" href= "https://al-arabia-intr.com/uk-ua/" hreflang= "uk-ua" >
Link REL= "Alternate" href= "https://al-arabia-intr.com/ru-ua/" hreflang= "ru-ua" >
Link REL= "Alternate" href= "https://al-arabia-intr.com/en-ly/" hreflang= "en-ly" >
Link REL= "Alternate" href= "https://al-arabia-intr.com/en-ua/" hreflang= "en-ua" >

That is, in the urlas to put EN-UA, EN-LY, and TD under the necessary countries The necessary language versions

With this, I stuck with this, because the polylang automatically added language consoles to the ulters, and the XML site map automatically adds Plugin Yoastseo Accordingly, if I proceed, let's say at https://al-arabia-intr.com/en-ua/ then will be redirect 404

In this and difficulty, I can not understand how to solve this question so that when transitions to urms with EN-UA, EN-LY and TD inserts, the desired language version has opened, and not the transition to 404. And how to create a copy of the site so that when opening, let's say https://al-arabia-intr.com/en-ua/ A page with content in English has opened, that is https://al-arabia-intr.com/en. but in the urlier was https://al-arabia-intr.com/en-ua/ And so under other language versions