Def List_Box ():
    Num= 87.
    Def Inner_Box ():
       num_2= 65.
       Print (Num + Num_2)
List_Box (Inner_Box ())


List_Box (inner_box ())
NameERROR: Name 'Inner_Box' Is Not Defined

How to fix it. How to call inside the function another function

You can repeat in the code. I'm not a chalp in this.

Atabekdemurtaza2021-07-24 05:51:09

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Atabekdemurtaza2021-07-24 05:51:09

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@Atabekdemurtaza, I transferred comments in response, if the answer helped, you can mark it accepted.

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In general, you have not been noted by any answer not one of your questions. I recommend to read: what to do with the answers to my question?

insolor2021-07-24 05:51:09