I'm trying to run the appium test. Appium uses Android SDK Platform Tools. The folder with Platform Tools has a Path C: \ Users \ Admin \ desktop \ android-SDK. This path is registered in the environment android_path environment. But when you start the test, I receive a message that this folder is not found, and this path in an error information message contains cracks at the very beginning. What could it be, how to get rid of it?

Run the command prompt and execute Android_path>out.txt. What will be written to the Out.txt file?

Anton Shchyrov2021-08-01 09:57:14

I apologize, wrote a variable android_path environment, although in fact, asked about Android_Home. For it, the correct value android_home= c: \ users \ admin \ desktop \ android-SDK is recorded in the file, and Android_path is not defined. Now I tried to transfer this folder to disk E. Error went, but instead there was a new one: Unable to create a New Remote Session. CANNOT VERIFY THE Signature Of 'C: \ Users \ Admin \ AppData \ Roaming \ Npm \ Node_Modules \ Appium \ Node_Modules \ Appium-Uiautomator2-Server \ APKS \ APPIUM-UIAUTOMATOR2-Server-V4.21.1.apk'.

vitaliy4us2021-08-01 10:26:10