Tell me please, I'm trying to enjoy several controls in Formarray. With one it works, but two does not want. Separately endured the variable, but also does not work

Mouse over the error and read the text why it swears or look in the error window description. As a rule, IDE have all the necessary tips to not sit and do not guess. Perhaps your Formarray class contains the Push method with one argument.

Alex Krass2021-08-06 06:41:35

Well, judging by the description, it is, PUSH receives Control and Emitter by the second parameter: angular.io/api/forms/formarray#push. The second parameter is clearly not pulling to the Emmitizer.

Alex Krass2021-08-06 06:46:48

Thanks for the answer. Maybe you know how to add several controls?

Maxim Zebzeev2021-08-06 07:36:01