There is a database in the .mdb file, you need to open it in Python in Linux. I use Pypyodbc. Unixodbc UnixOdBC-DEV libraries downloaded

Import Pypyodbc
Conn= Pypyodbc.connect ('Driver= {Microsoft Access Driver (* .mdb)}; DBQ= /HOME /MAXIM /DB.MDB; UID= admin;',
                        Readonly= True)
Print ('Connected')
Conn.Close ()

After starting this code, an error occurs

Raise Operationalerror (State, Err_Text)
Pypyodbc.Operationalerror: ('01000', "[01000] [UNIXODBC] [Driver Manager] CAN't Open Lib 'Microsoft Access Driver (* .mdb)': File Not Found")

Help solve this problem

Do you do it in windows? If not, how do you think the parser for ODBC takes? You need a converter, you probably look for.

0andriy2021-08-22 21:52:09

Unixodbc and unixodbc-dev not then?

N.Maxim2021-08-22 21:52:09