Tell me a good software that you can solve the task. On the Get Reply from Web Server. In order to test the functionality, replace the package that came. Let's say, change the response code from 200 to 400.

saw Fiddler, but it does not fit. Paid for Linux.

And why overwrite if you can create a new one?

InDevX2021-09-04 13:13:07

DevServer.Proxy (WebPack) + HTTP (Node)= Ability to rewrite both queries and headlines /server responses, affecting only Development Mode (in short, you can still rewrite). This is part of the label [JavaScript]. And I don't know about Parakha (drill + row replacement?).

yar852021-09-04 13:13:07

@INDEVX scripts on my site are already sent Ajax for a fixed URL. I want to get MOCK data on this URL.

Андрей Петрица2021-09-04 13:13:07