There is a table But some cells are not in the house because there is a scrolling you need to get styles and the maximum width of the element is not yet in the house

Please specify your specific problem or provide more detailed information about what you need. In the current form it is difficult to understand what you are asking.

Дух сообщества♦2021-09-12 16:21:21

The maximum width should be something near infinity (if not take into account the possibilities of the PC)

ArchDemon2021-09-12 16:30:44

@Archdemon In this table there are cells and a fixed width (there is a table with a scrolling and there is a double click confusion when this function is called on the column, then it takes the makismal width of all visible speakers, but there are columns of which outside the house and you also need to take into account their max width as Previously calculate the maximum column width to rendor in the house

Nataliia2021-09-12 16:58:42

Well, if you have a fixed column width, then what prevents you from summing up all the necessary speakers?

ArchDemon2021-09-12 18:35:47

Possible duplicate question: How to calculate the maximum column width of the table

aleksandr barakin2021-09-13 03:14:04