There is a ready-made project Laravel, I create a container for it, everything goes successfully, after it is launching I can not display the page, moving by reference. Below information about the container.

Container ID Image Command Created Status
E4AA0B1E5229 REP2 "Docker-PHP-EntryPoi ..." 8 Seconds Ago Up 2 Seconds
80 /TCP, ::: 8000->
80 /TCP.

When using CURL at LocalHost: 8000 or issues an error:

curl: (56) Recv Failure: The connection is broken by the other party

Why make a request to port 8000 when it is internal and corresponds to 80 external? (8000->80)

Daniel Protopopov2021-09-14 14:55:52

I described the situation because I do not understand what I do wrong, if you understood what the problem could, could not explain more?

Семён Ткаченко2021-09-14 15:20:31

You make a request to the correct port, because 80 -inside the container, and 8000 -outside. And the problem may be caused by the fact that you have Laravel listening not on the address /port inside the container, or something else

Exploding Kitten2021-09-14 16:44:53