When reading the source code of the GEM called Sorcery, the following description isOptionsI did not know where it was defined, so I would like to ask for a question to Ruby.

[: model]Since there was a KEY designation, OPTIONS thought that it was a variable, but the variable of options in the scope was not found. Since there is an options called options for Rails, are you pointing? I thought but I do not know

Def model_class_name
        Options [: model]? Options [: model] .Classify: 'user'

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    SORCERY :: GENERATORS :: HelpersModuleSorcery :: Generators :: InstallGeneratorin CLASSincludeNot used in the form and only in the form. This InstallGenerator ClassRails :: Generators :: BaseInheriting Class. andRails :: Generators :: BaseIs an instance methodOptionsHere, becauseOptionsIs defined.

    RAILS :: Generators :: BaseNSOptionsYou can see from the following.

    Well, if you follow the inheritance tree, you are inheriting Thor. I deepened my understanding. thank you very much!

    mzmt2021-09-15 22:13:48

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