I keep developing a project in PHPSTORM, created the .git folder via Git Init. Made some commits and made Push to Gitlab.

Stuck on the Migration of the .git folder to the server with the site. Is it enough just to copy the .git folder from home PC to the server and make Git Pull?

I am not interested in the question of Avtodeploy now. I would like to at least establish work through Gitlab and Git Pula. But in my opinion, just copy the folder not enough?

Something you wrote everything. If you copy the .git folder, then the Git Pull does not make any sense, because all the current content in it already exists. But if you do not copy the .git folder, then you just need to do the Git Clone and Git Pull to make the folder appeared

andreymal2021-09-16 16:30:46

But it is better to spend literally a couple of minutes and write a simple script that will upload your code (deployment). It is even faster than asked the question here.

KoVadim2021-09-16 16:51:49

@Andreymal, I understand just to copy the folder not enough. Maybe you know that after copying you need to still do to synchronize with Gitlab earned? After all, I update first Gitlab, and then take the changes through the Git Pull

tim.ext2021-09-16 17:32:09

@Kovadim, you are right, but I still do not understand in such a simple situation what to do. I would like to understand how to pick up Gitlab to an existing site (

tim.ext2021-09-16 17:32:47

SCP with a script and ready. And then Delets is just the launch of the script. In the future, it can be picked up on a Khuk Commit /Puff and everything will be super

KoVadim2021-09-16 17:35:58