There is a Barcode Scanner Atol Smart Slimp Plus as in the photo below

On the same photo, a demonstration program that reads barcodes is running. By default, this is the only program with a scanner. Other programs that are already integrated from 1C and with which you can already work paid.

Are considering writing your own Android application in which we can implement the functionality we need, the whole question is how in Android Studio to contact the scanner equipment, that is, activate it and get data from it to a variable or to the buffer. Can you give an example code to work with the scanner API?

If someone is well disassembled in Android, while not familiar with the scanner equipment is ready to try to figure out, the option of paid solution search is considered, that is, the option is considered to provide you with any options for remote access to the PC to which the scanner is connected. Suggest value. (P.S. The development of the future program interface is currently not required, although there may be various options and such cooperation in the future, that is, now you need to understand how from your Android applications to access the scanner equipment).

In Atol, the letter has been written to provide information on access to the scanner equipment from the application. There is no response yet. I did not find information on this issue, only a bunch of sites with suggestions to buy a scanner.

Andrew, please explain what your voice is connected for closing the question? Try to find information on the Internet ...

Евгений Николаев2021-09-19 09:18:11

Android Studio is a development environment, it does not apply to the equipment. The fact that the scanner is connected to the PC, does not affect the ability to work with it from the mobile device. That's right, what turned to the manufacturer only from there and need to draw information. And the announcements of work on SO are inappropriate, so I also vote for closing.

Eugene Krivenja2021-09-18 11:39:19