We need to make such a map, but the problem is that all the signatures should have the effect of smooth appearance when scrolling to the block and should be adaptive, I wanted to use some kind of library for plotting and use the type of maps, but I need the simplest one that could be adjusted these points in what follows.

Maps of the world are ready -just write in any search engine like this "world map in SVG" as I did: mapsvg.com/maps/world Download and put your points anywhere

Айболит2021-09-19 04:25:08
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    It seems to me that the most optimal and simple solution is:

    1. Create an image with a card without dots.
    2. arrange it in some item.
    3. in the same element add the burial points of countries with absolute in percentage of the position in this image. It turns out that these points will adaptively move, when changing their common container.
    4. add using the script, animation fadein at a certain event (scrolling to block)