I have already tried a lot: I dropped the settings, climbed in the settings and read everything on the internet. I will be grateful for your help!

my plugins

and plugins for c++ are connected?

KoVadim2021-09-25 14:45:24

yes.there everything worked for me still everything in the morning.I pressed a combination of keys and all @KoVadim

egor2021-09-25 14:49:49

plugins above photo

egor2021-09-25 14:50:38

And in the files themselves I climbed: the global settings file and the user, specifically by the "C_Cpp" key. If there is anything left, then the simplest thing is to remove all the lines.

Alexander Lonberg2021-09-25 15:04:31

Have you tried compiling /running your creation?

KoVadim2021-09-25 15:13:52