The teacher gave a tutorial code that we have to parse at home. But one line puzzled me. On Google, the search results did not show any example of using such a string The line itself:

w= np.random.rand (m, n) 0.1-0.05

It is clear that this is the generation of random numbers in the range from m to n, but what 0.1-0.05 means is a mystery shrouded in secrets

there is an error in this line, so it is difficult to say what it should mean.

Эникейщик2021-10-13 09:29:51

specify the condition, here are errors

finally2021-10-13 09:32:46

@Enikeyschik on such a thought and I stopped. But if my memory is not mistaken, there was a talk about the fact that these are numbers from -0.05 to 0.05

Darm2021-10-13 09:33:50

@finally apparently in this and the point is that the teacher gave the code with an error

Darm2021-10-13 09:34:22