There is html code of the page, but it contains the following code:

window .__ APOLLO_STATE __= XXXX <
/script >

I only need to getXXXX, that is, everything afterwindow .__ APOLLO_STATE __=and before the first< /script >

I would be very grateful for your help. It is necessary exactly in JavaScript (without using jquery)

Describe the task. For example, I load a page through js, get the text and need to pull the text out of it

gil9red2021-10-13 08:33:11

@ gil9red I just have the html code of the page (let htmlPage= document.querySelector ('body'). innerHTML), I need the content from it which is after window .__ APOLLO_STATE __= and before the first

iKey2021-10-13 08:34:10

Those. js will be executed in the same place as window .__ APOLLO_STATE__?

gil9red2021-10-13 08:38:00