I am new to programming. In my application, I use the ability to send an email when clicking on a label.

private void label5_Click (object sender, EventArgs e)
   Process.Start ("mailto:" + "****@ru.*****.com" + "? Subject= Application -********" + "&
body= "+" Good afternoon! ************** ");

Everything works, but there is only one nuance. If the user has a full Outlook license. The application will open with a ready-made submission form. And if the user has access only through the Outlook 365 web interface, then he will not be able to. How can I make it so that when clicked, a web page (mailbox) with a ready-made form for sending (recipient's address, subject, text of the letter) opens. I ask in advance to forgive if I wrote something wrong and thank you for your understanding (please do not send me to learn the mathematics part, but just help in achieving the task).

In the system, you must specify a different diplink handler mailto

MihailPw2021-10-13 10:37:24

Deep link handlers are, in theory, registered in the registry. There you can find, if there is no handler, then call the browser. Even better, since this situation may be unique for users, you can move the way of sending letters to the application settings in the form of a template like mailto: {0}? Subject= {1} &body= {2} in the textbox. If desired, the user should be able to drive in at least an https: //link there.

aepot2021-10-13 10:59:55