What is the compiler /interpreter installed on the computer with? Like, along with the OS, are there some languages ​​supported for compilation /interpretation, or are they all installed with the programming language itself? If with a programming language, then how, when debugging a program, can it be run on a computer without a programming language?

The compiler /interpreter is not a required part of the OS and you usually install it yourself. After compilation, the program usually only contains machine code that the processor understands, and no language is required to run it. Full debugging requires a set of debugging tools, which depends on what, where and how exactly you want to debug.

andreymal2021-10-13 10:52:03

That is, after debugging, the files with the machine code commands written in them are simply lost, and the percent simply refers to these files when the program is launched?

MaGrAs2021-10-13 10:56:52

Something your comment is not very clear to me. What exactly do you mean by "debugging"?

andreymal2021-10-13 10:58:05