guest came to my site from the phone, after a while came from the computer. Is there a way to determine if this guest is logged in again, but from a different device, or is it a different person?

Remember IP is not an option, $ _SERVER ['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] is not an option.

Then I would not dwell on the Internet, where everything would follow me :)

Алексей Шиманский2021-10-14 10:13:28

@AlexeyShimansky yes? And why haven't you done it yet? Facebook, almost any application on the phone, Yandex.Maps and a million other services /applications /sites ... doesn't tell you anything, does it?

Michael Miller2021-10-14 10:16:46

A GUEST and an AUTHORIZED USER don't say anything to you, right?

Алексей Шиманский2021-10-14 10:17:21

means nothing to define

Jean-Claude2021-10-14 10:19:58

In general, the answer to the question "Is there a way" depends on ..... if people from home have always entered -perhaps ... and then with conditions, And if he first went on one phone from Russia, and then on another phone with a disposable SIM card from Malibu is unlikely. In 99% of cases, the answer is -FOR A GUEST -no way

Алексей Шиманский2021-10-14 10:20:38