How to make these oblique lines and so that they always rested with one end against this part of the sight, and the other against the end of the heading border?

There is an svg (quarter sight) and a heading with a border. The line needs to be between the header border and the center of the svg.

Tried fitting with a line svg (< line id= "line" x1= "149" y1= "21" x2= "120" y2= "90", etc.), but there are only fixed values, when you change the resolution, everything breaks.


svg + js (recalculate values) or revise the layout: for example, text as part of svg, text and line -have one parent div that is positioned towards the crosshair. Without sample code, fantasy can lead anywhere, please read How to ask questions and minimal reproducible example

Greg--2021-11-05 12:04:35

Please correct the question to reflect the specific problem with enough detail to be able to provide an adequate answer.

Дух сообщества2021-11-05 12:11:26