There was a Rostelecom provider:

  • I did not perform any router settings or connections on the PC. Worked remotely in the company's network through CiscoAnyConnect connecting
    as standard via login /password. Both VPN and Internet from PC worked.

The provider has changed to "MGTS":

  • also did not perform any settings, in the company's network the settings are like this did not change. After connecting, Internet access disappears altogether to all resources, even to those that are allowed in the company's network (by the way almost nothing is prohibited there)

I contacted MGTS, they said they could not help, it is necessary to look at your company's settings, although nothing has changed in the company. For colleagues, the Internet and VPN continue to work on other providers and Rostelecom, nothing additional has been set up.

Has anyone encountered? googled, all sorts of ticks in the network connection on /off and the like, nothing has helped so far.

All that I dug up on the Internet is changing the settings of a standard VPN connection, which rises in Windows itself, and not through CiscoAnyConnect

UPD: With the change of provider, the router also changed, there was DLINK, it became the standard MGTS from ZTE