The exchange of information between 2 hosts occurs at the link level, that is, only mac addresses are needed for this, and the ip address is used to deliver a packet in different networks and it is used in routers, is this how the interaction takes place?

What is your question?

Pak Uula2021-11-24 23:04:14

Commentary on the thesis about the data link layer: in the TCP /IP stack, two nodes located in the same segment of the local network are addressed by IP addresses. For example,,, etc.

Pak Uula2021-11-24 23:06:03

The ip address is also used within the network. TCP /IP has many tasks besides routing. This is the control of message delivery and splitting the connection into ports. At a purely data link level, most of your applications will not be able to exchange data.

Alpensin2021-11-25 05:59:16