I have some code that works using the youtube_video_uploader_bot library:

from youtube_video_uploader_bot import *
if __name__== '__main__':
    youtube.login (username= "username", password= "password")
    youtube.upload (title= 'Testing Upload', video_path= "/Users /aleksejhodarev /Downloads /t.mp4", kid_type= 'Yes, it \' s made for kids', description= 'I am just testing', type= 'Public')

However, it outputs the text:

It currently works on windows only

It translates as "Right now this only works in windows"

Maybe he means that it can only work on Windows or is it something else?

Yes, only for Windows. The same text is also written on his page in the description.

GrAnd2021-11-25 12:28:21

Is there any difference?

Hod easy2021-11-25 13:00:30

Apparently significant. For example, the absence of any specific libraries, which is only in Windows.

GrAnd2021-11-25 13:05:59