print ("Enter point coordinates no more than 5 and no less than -5 (according to the problem statement).")
a= int (input ("a="))
b= int (input ("b="))
c= int (5)
d= int (-5)
c1= int (-5)
d1= int (5)
if c1 <
= a <
= c and d1 >
= b >
= d:
    print ("The point belongs to the square.")
    print ("The point does not belong to the square.")

That's just at the point a= -3 b= 4, writes that the point belongs, and this is a rectangle, how to fix the code?

What? Which rectangle? This is a point, it has no form. And yes, the point (-3, 4) is still inside a square with sides 10 and centered at (0, 0).

GrAnd2021-11-25 13:14:02

you are completely confused -you have a square in the range [-5..5] [-5..5] and you are surprised that the point (-3, 4) is in the square?

Zhihar2021-11-25 13:21:30