Introduced into my program the display of stationary cameras by geotags, for the operation of this function I connected access to the background location determination. However, Google doesn't want to accept my apk and writes the following answer:

Function does not qualify for background location access Based on our review, your claimed feature does not qualify for background location access.

Please remove the requested background location permission and submit an update to your app. When declaring a function to access the background location, please note the following: The feature you choose should provide clear user value and be critical to the core functionality or primary purpose of the application. Without this core functionality, the application is "broken" or unusable. You should also consider whether users will expect the app to access their location in the background, and whether you can provide the same experience without accessing the location in the background.

How did he decide whether this feature is valuable or not? What to do to make them accept the correction? Their technical support is oak. I filled in all the data on filling out the information on the developer's page.

If you display geotags in an application when it is active, then you do not need the background location.

Герман Борисов2021-11-26 04:15:53

Application can be minimized, but data should appear

Arty Morris2021-11-26 04:32:20