Hello everyone, I really need help. It is necessary to integrate "My warehouse" into a self-written site written in js and php. Climbed through the JSON API 1.2 documentation (Api My warehouse). It is written in Java. Since I don't know Java, I found an analogue written in js here is a link to github ( https://github.com/wmakeev/moysklad). And I could not figure out how to run this API on my site at all. Where to upload files. How to call them, etc. I reviewed a bunch of sites and lessons on how to use the API. But there was nothing similar to the API in my warehouse. I've been suffering for a week now. Nothing comes out. I would be very grateful for your help. Prior to that, I worked only with the Yandex Map API.

this issue should be closed, because it should be addressed to the appropriate technical support

aleksandr barakin2021-11-26 11:22:29

There is no such support. Unfortunately .

Only0912021-11-26 11:29:26

as not. here in the cap they have the word "support" written. As for the documentation, everything seemed to me in great detail. dev.moysklad.ru

muturgan2021-11-26 13:51:25