The task is this:
The size of the truck and its carrying capacity, as well as the number of concrete rings that need to be sent, are given at the entrance. Rings of different sizes, weights, also have different methods of stacking on top of each other, but all possible types are known in advance.

At the exit, the number of flights with a list of which rings are completed and graphically how they are completed.

the task of packing a backpack, there are even two of them: by weight and by geometry. The question is too general, it looks more like a large terms of reference -I would not answer in such detail. Read literature, try it. In the USSR, institutes received prizes for optimizing metal cutting in terms of geometry, but do you think that they will easily answer you here without details about specific parameters, guess how real telepathists will guess your details and immediately get to the point with the best algorithm? It's naive.

A K2021-11-27 05:11:37

Did you give this task? Freelancers on another site and for money.

strawdog2021-11-27 05:11:37

It seems to me that the only way to find the optimal solution is the brute force method. Just go through absolutely all the options for stacking, quantities, etc., so that they are as suitable as possible in terms of carrying capacity

Serhii Dikobrazko2021-11-27 05:11:37