Age rating of the game 3+

There are two questions:

  1. What content is admissible for children? I sort of removed unnecessary content for children in Admobe. The letter included a picture of an advertisement with a claim -there is just an advertisement for some university.
  2. I added rewarded ads to the game. It is, of course, full screen. Why does Google have a problem with the format when many 3+ rated games have full-screen ads like mine?

Please clarify your specific problem or provide more detailed information on what exactly you need. As it stands, it is difficult to understand exactly what you are asking.

Дух сообщества2021-12-10 05:12:38

What does Unity have to do with it?

Александр Даниловский2021-12-10 05:17:17

University ads can upset stupid kids and their parents, so they shouldn't be shown in a kids app. Yes, and in an adult it is impossible. A smart person will find a university on his own, but a fool does not need this information. I think that university ads are marked with some age rating above 3+. And that the robot is not actually looking at it.

Эникейщик2021-12-10 05:46:08

I'm on the google side here. There is no need to show ads to children under 5-6 years old. If your application shows, it is better to immediately throw such an application into the trash. If you don't believe me, look at a child who was playing a game and then an advertisement for some nasty thing pops up and the child asks -what is this? Therefore, children under 5-7 years old should have zero advertising.

KoVadim2021-12-10 07:33:41