I am interested in the following question, is it possible to parse the telegram audience of channels in which I am not an administrator? If possible, should I be a member of these channels or not? The fact that you can collect records from channels, I know, the only question is about the audience, getting an id, nickname. If it is possible, then tell me how it is possible to implement it, preferably in Python. I was also told that this is possible using telethon, but I could not find exactly how to do it in the documentation for the library. Could you tell. Thanks!

Please correct the question to reflect the specific problem with enough detail to be able to provide an adequate answer.

Дух сообщества2021-12-22 12:10:24

I would try to sort it out with telethon via from telethon.sync import TelegramClient, for interest I made a conclusion of the user's current dialogues: github.com/gil9red/SimplePyScripts/blob/... But for sure, you can look inside the dialogs and collect messages and other information

gil9red2021-12-22 12:18:01

gil9red -you can do this with chats and dialogues, I am interested in the channels, how, for example, from channel "A" which has 150 subscribers, pull out the id and nickname of these subscribers, while I am a member of this channel, but I am not its administrator

Zh_N2021-12-22 12:54:21