There is a variable with formatting:

info= f '' '
├Name: {first} {last}
├ID: `{userid}`
├Nick: @ {nick}
└Phone number: `{phone}`
    '' '

When trying to send via -bot.send_message (ID, info, parse_mode= 'Markdown')

I get an error -2021-12-22 22: 58: 37,365 (__init__.py:510 MainThread) ERROR -TeleBot: "A request to the Telegram API was unsuccessful. Error code: 400. Description: Bad Request: can't parse entities: Can ' t find end of the entity starting at byte offset 80 "

Problem in the passed variable{nick}approx. Ygfgh_Ygfgh because it contains an underscore. How is it possible to decide?

change parse_mode to HTML, or try escaping this character with a backslash

fancier2021-12-22 19:07:05

Thanks, your comment helped me figure it out!

byyeesh2021-12-22 19:34:42