We are creating web pages as a group.
I want to display the corresponding result in the browser when I enter a condition on the search screen, but I don't understand the database (SQL) settings very well and it is not displayed even if I enter the search content.
Backend terminalpassword authentication failed for user "postgres"Is out. I was able to change the current password of postgres, but I don't know a little after that.
The current SQL terminal is
postgres= # ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD'your password'; ALTER ROLE postgres= #is.
I would appreciate any advice.
Thank you.

First of all, I think we should isolate the problem. "Execute SQL on the backend to get the result" and "Display the result on the browser" are different issues, and this time it refers to the former, right?

keitaro_so2021-12-23 00:56:36

In addition, it is often difficult to resolve the error just by looking at it, so it is a good idea to specifically describe what you worked on and what kind of environment you set so that the respondent can reproduce it.

keitaro_so2021-12-23 00:56:36

keitaro_so Thank you for pointing out while you are busy. What I want to do this time is the latter. SQL and Node.js are used in the database. I was able to do front and back end npm start in the terminal, but even if I put a condition in the search bar, the result is not displayed, so when I asked my colleagues in the group, I had to change the postgres password. It was that. At that time, psql was not performed, psql -U postgres->ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD'password'; was entered, and ALTER ROLE was displayed. Also, pgAdmin is used as the management tool. The tab on the left side of the screen also shows the postgres database.

Y.F2021-12-23 00:56:36

Please add a description of the new situation to the question. Does that mean that the search results do not come out even if I change the password? Did the error message change?

keitaro_so2021-12-23 00:56:36