The task is to pump wellCSS-Gridtogether withFlexBox.
After completing the courses in this area, some questions and misunderstandings appeared regarding the advantages of this approach.

Where can you see works using these technologies -taking into account that the framework of the projects would be used on grids, and the internal content would be on flexes?
I would be grateful for any links to correct projects (on this topic) from your point of view.

It is unlikely that something like this will be found, it is better to ask separately about your misunderstandings

artemgh2022-01-09 08:17:39

Well then, let's say the following question: If we create a skeleton on the grid, we make it a certain number of columns. Next, we assign an area to the internal elements where these elements have the right to be positioned. When changing the resolution, in this case, what should we change the width of these areas (in the global block) or their number? If the width -then how is it (fundamentally -from the point of view of the approach) different from if we just used ordinary blocks and set them the percentage width corresponding to different resolutions?

Mike Kharkov2022-01-09 08:22:07

That's right, you can set the width for them, but it is understood that setting one grid property with the width of all columns is more convenient and easier to read than setting the width for each block separately. You can still typeset with tables, it's just a shorter record

artemgh2022-01-09 08:26:09

The most convenient way is to use one or Grid or Flex or Block, etc.

Arcadiy2022-01-09 10:06:51