When trying to install any library in pycharm, it does not react in any way (I updated pip and tried to install via windows console, all to no avail)

See the python version in the lower right corner ... this is the current python for the project. Click on it and there Interpreter Settings and there you will have a package manager. Well, there will be no problems with a regular external console either.

vitidev2022-01-10 00:39:11

Not strong in PyCharm from the word at all, but I would look towards the virtual space. I am sure that PyCharm can have it and all the dependencies for the project in one place. And I advise you to create a separate virtual space for each project, if PyCharm does not do it automatically. The venv utility is out of the box.

Dmitry2022-01-10 00:39:11

@Dmitry PyCharm can do it all. It's just that his console works according to its own rules. I have never tried to call pip install in it, but it loses output streams of subprocesses in a run.

vitidev2022-01-10 00:39:11