I ask you for help! I can't understand what the matter is, I did everything as it is written on the site. But command line doesn't see Flutter (C: \ flutter_windows_2.8.1-stable \ flutter \ bin)
When I write a command (flutter --version) to the command line (cmd), it thinks for 2 seconds and closes. All this is where his work ends, and so it is constantly. Launched as Administrator, changed places in environment variables C: \ flutter_windows_2.8.1-stable \ flutter \ bin

c: \ Windows \ system32

rebooted the laptop 20 times ran in Power shell (Not found) How can you fix this?

Is the fluter a console? Try through cmd, open the cmd console and execute a flutter from the console (black screen).

nick_n_a2022-01-23 08:36:49

Good evening! Flutter is a framework, you just mean flutter.

2a.k2022-01-23 08:36:49

The full path to the files must be specified. C: \ flutter_windows_2.8.1-stable \ flutter \ bin \ flutter.bat eg.

user78606702022-01-23 08:36:49

Changed! Still does not see

2a.k2022-01-23 08:36:49

is the dart installed? before dart, did you specify the path in an environment variable?

Михаил Ребров2022-01-23 08:36:49