Unfortunately, I did not find the necessary information on this issue. Attached is additional information:

  • Board with armv5tail architecture processor.
  • There are no such utilities as apt-get, make, wget as well as gcc and g++ compilers.
  • Linux buildroot 3.10.32

I will clarify: a broker or all the same client? What functions are included in the device?

Dmitry2022-01-14 09:32:01

First of all, a broker. True, it will also be necessary to collect clients for such devices.

Василий Пупкин2022-01-14 09:36:29

From experience, it's not the best idea. All the same, the broker must be stable, have the ability to encrypt the channel, the broker's database is also needed ...

Dmitry2022-01-14 09:38:19

first, find the buildroot Linux buildroot 3.10.32 from this piece of iron

eri2022-01-14 09:39:10

and here are the binaries.

Dmitry2022-01-14 09:41:00