I don't quite understand what one line of code from the tutorial video means https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LovwkSQ_UGstimecode: 10:54 , , line from the screen 15 ,

Just exporting an arrow function

andreymal2022-01-15 15:06:04

(and react/redux has nothing to do with it, it's normal javascript syntax)

andreymal2022-01-15 15:16:46

@andreymal Sorry, could you explain where state comes from and what state.goods.goods means, I don’t understand the meaning of this function, what does it do

Ivan Smirnoff2022-01-15 15:44:11

state is just the first argument to the function. And then you already need to look where and who specifically calls this function and what specific state is passed to it, it’s impossible to find out from the screenshot you showed

andreymal2022-01-15 16:07:54

@andreymal Okay, thanks a lot for your help.

Ivan Smirnoff2022-01-15 16:27:10