Now I have watch set, and webpack does a rebuild every time the file changes. But when I make syntax errors in js, an error occurs in the console and the assembly is not collected.

Please tell me, is it possible to do something so that in addition to the error in the console, an error would also be displayed on the site, i.e. so that some kind of alert would be added to the bundle, which, after refreshing the page, would display an error message on the site when a build error occurs?


overthesanity2022-01-18 02:18:48

@overthesanity please post your comment as an answer

Alexandr Tovmach2022-01-18 03:45:12

@AlexandrTovmach the package link is not an answer

overthesanity2022-01-18 03:45:12

@overthesanity It's quite an answer, if you also give an example of use that will help specifically in this question, it will generally be an ideal answer, but you can also just link.

Alexandr Tovmach2022-01-18 03:45:12