We need to implement deleting data without reloading the page, please tell me how to send the record ID to the func_admin.php file in order for the script to work:

if (isset($_POST['delete_id'])) {
   $delid= $_POST['delete_id'];
   $sqldelttech= ("DELETE FROM `spravtech` WHERE `spravtech`.`id_spravtech`= ?");
   $quwerydel= $db->prepare($sqldelttech);

Table markup:

<div class="container-fluid" style="margin-top: 20px;">            <table class="table table-sm table-bordered table-hover" style="font-size: 12px;">                <thead class="table-secondary">                    <tr>                        <th>No.</th>                        <th>ATS</th>                        <th>DIVISION</th>                        <th>TECHNICAL TYPE</th>                        <th>MANUFACTURER</th>                        <th>MODEL</th>                        <th>SERIAL NUMBER</th>                        <th>PART NUMBER</th>                        <th>COMMISSIONING</th>                        <th>ACTION</th>                    </tr>                </thead>                <tbody class="table-light">                    <?php if (!empty($restechinfo)) {
                        foreach ($restechinfo as $resinfo) { ?>                            <tr>                                <td><?php echo $resinfo->id_spravtech; ?></td>                                <td><a href="#"><?php echo $resinfo->name_ovdrb; ?></a></td>                                <td style="max-width: 150px;"><?php echo $resinfo->name_subdivision; ?></td>                                <td><?php echo $resinfo->type; ?></td>                                <td><?php echo $resinfo->manufacture; ?></td>                                <td><?php echo $resinfo->model; ?></td>                                <td><?php echo $resinfo->serial_number; ?></td>                                <td><?php echo $resinfo->inventory_number; ?></td>                                <td><?php echo $resinfo->date; ?></td>                                <td>                                    <div class="bttnaction">                                        <div class="bttnactiongroup">                                            <a id="delete_id<?php echo $resinfo->id_spravtech; ?>" onclick="return confirm('Are you sure you want to delete record no. <?php echo $resinfo->id_spravtech; ?>?')" class="btn btn-danger btn-sm">                                                <i class="fa fa-trash"></i>                                            </a>                                        </div>                                    </div>                                </td>                            </tr>                        <?php } ?>                    <?php } else { ?>                        <tr>                            <td colspan=10 class="text-center table-danger">NO DATA</td>                        </tr>                    <?php } ?>                </tbody>            </table>        </div>

it seems to me that if you google ajax, the answer will be in the first billion results

Artem Gorlachev2022-01-18 05:41:48

If it seems, then please google it and throw off the link as an answer, I didn’t ask a question in order to see witty comments like: "google for help", there is no desire to help, you can just scroll through the question, why did you write this?

Bastard_Ape2022-01-18 05:49:03