there are three files index.php, load.php and code.js, from the main page through code.js the load.php file is loaded by the load() method, after the file is loaded the variables from load.php are no longer visible in the index .php as well as vice versa, how to make both files see variables, or is it not possible?

Please clarify your specific problem or provide more details on what exactly you need. In its current form, it's hard to understand exactly what you're asking.

Дух сообщества2022-01-22 18:15:13

You have already answered this question. Why you still can't understand a damn thing is not known. Read books to get started

Алексей Шиманский2022-01-22 18:15:13

When you get minus people with a 57K rating, you want to forget about development and go to work in the market.

Max Watson2022-01-22 18:15:13

It is necessary to read again phpfaq.ru/newbie/na_tanke

u_mulder2022-01-21 20:11:14

@MaxWatson, when "you get minus people with 57k" it means that the answer lies in learning the basics, it says so. (in short, when you access php, be it a browser or JS, you get html, and he does not know about the variables, the variables are in php, php is supposedly the source, while html is generated and given from the requested php. To "both files see variables" -use parameters when querying.)

De.Minov2022-01-22 03:01:10