When the window is reduced, text, buttons, etc. may be hidden

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    Can be done via.place(...):

    It will be necessary to do this throughrelwidth, relheight, rely, relx

    Here is the list of options:

    The main parameters of place are:

    • anchor (anchor) -defines the part of the widget for which are set coordinates. Takes the values ​​N, NE, E, SE, SW, W, NW, or CENTER. By NW (upper left corner) by default.

    • relwidth, relheight (relative width and height) -define the size of the widget in fractions of its parent.

    • relx, rely -specifies a relative position in the parent widget. Coordinate (0; 0) -at the upper left corner, (1; 1) -at the right bottom.

    • width, height -the absolute size of the widget in pixels. Values ​​by by default (when these options are omitted) are equal to natural the size of the widget, that is, to the one that is determined when it is creation and configuration.

    • x, y is the absolute position in pixels. Default values are equated to zero.

    Copisteel from this wonderful site Tkinter -Place Younglinux.info