I'm pulling a component from a component library I created myself. I create the component dynamically, and therefore I need to find out all the props that the component has. How can I do that? I write everything in React using TypeScript.

can i have a code example?

ThisMan2022-01-26 01:24:13

in theory, ts should highlight all the necessary props

ThisMan2022-01-26 01:24:13

So, how do I give a clear adequate answer if the question is asked incorrectly?=( 1. I pull the component from the component library 2. I create the component dynamically. How does it happen in the end? From the library or dynamically?

Randall2022-01-25 06:43:51

Made changes to the question

Alina2022-01-25 06:54:07

Those. You didn't import the finished component library, but created your own? You can see a code example, all the same?

Garp2022-01-25 07:14:27