Is there any way to make a database for the discord.py bot. By type, it enters the Discord server and writes the server ID, user IDs and IDs of all channels to a .json file. It turns out then that the user wants him to write a greeting in a certain channel and he only needs to enter to say the ID of this channel, he writes an example! setting and the bot gives a list of what he can do, the user selects the number 1 and the channel ID, at this moment the bot looks in .json file a: server, b: group, c: channel, if there is one, then everything, the bot will write a greeting there and so on with all the commands

Check out discord.com/developers/docs/intro, maybe it will help you

paqstd2022-01-28 17:46:25

in 10 minutes of searching I found a couple of interesting details, but I didn’t find what I needed :(

ʏ9ᴅᴇʀ2022-01-28 17:58:18

searched, searched .... Did not find (((

ʏ9ᴅᴇʀ2022-01-29 08:51:29