there is a Python code that is open, I want to make an authorization key for it that will be tied on the server, for example, make 10 keys and they can only be activated once so that the key is tied to the PC and saved in the licensekey.txt notepad and then takes the authorization key from this notepad and executed the Python code without re-entering the key.

I know that I need to set up a server and add a key database there, but how to do this, and what code is needed to make it work in a Python script without problems? Thanks in advance for your replies

Please edit the question to reflect the specific problem with enough detail to be able to give an adequate answer.

Дух сообщества2022-01-29 17:17:20

licensekey should be bound to OS or hardware?

eri2022-01-29 18:24:30

seems like a simple task, interesting and simple, but there is so much to write)

eri2022-01-29 18:46:32

@eri, took it off my tongue)))

Namerek2022-01-29 18:54:19