What is the best book to read on wasps?
Interested in the opinion about the complexity of the presentation of the material in these books, those. Which one is easier to digest?

Olifer V.G., Olifer N.A. -Network operating systems
Stallings V. -Operating systems. Internal structure and design principles, 9th edition
Tanenbaum E. -Modern operating systems (4th edition)

Write what direction in operating systems you use and how you will apply the acquired knowledge

ArchDemon2022-01-30 08:37:54

@ArchDemon primarily for general development and professional development, tk. sometimes there is not enough knowledge in some areas of OS, the activity is related to programming

word2022-01-30 08:45:49

@ArchDemon I mainly deal with websites, OS knowledge is needed for general development

word2022-01-30 08:51:50

read everything, but in "fiction" mode. That is -the paragraph is not clear -they ran their eyes diagonally, caught the key words of the concept and further. Then, perhaps when reading another chapter or book, you will return and become clearer.

KoVadim2022-01-30 09:31:39

If you are engaged in sites, then knowing the OS device is almost optional. If you administer websites, then you need to know about the administration of applications and services related to websites ((IIS, Apache, Nginx)

ArchDemon2022-01-30 10:14:02