After a sloppy cleaning of my computer, Python stopped working. I tried to fix or remove it, but without success. There was always an error:

"No Python Installation Was detected"

I tried installing other versions, but nothing worked. I deleted the python file completely, but also without success.

After another attempt, I was able to install the version, but after restarting the computer, Python stopped working.

How to properly install python?

Are python folders physically deleted? What exactly is manifested "stopped working" does not start from the command line? When installing python, did you add it to the path?

Юрий2022-01-30 15:23:13

Have you tried running python.exe on your own, and not from the command line?

Юрий2022-01-30 15:23:33

Welcome! Add OS and version to the question. And the routine of how the installation is done

Dmitry2022-01-30 15:24:50