There are 3 network interfaces on the server:

  • eth0-internet
  • tun1-openvpn-server(
  • tun2s1-tun2socks interface connected viaeth0(

I want traffic from tun1 to go through tun2s1.

Example scheme:Client -> tun1-> tun2s1-> eth0

If you run the commandcurl --interface tun2s1 http://site.com, then the request is made correctly, that istun2s1connected correctly. Connection problemtun1andtun2s1interfaces.

I've tried creating a new routing table and routing through it, but that hasn't worked yet either

With the help of tcpdump I monitor both tun interfaces, I see how packets go to tun1 >, and on tun2s1 - > But the vpn client still fails to ping


ip route add dev tun2s1 src table admin
ip route add default via dev tun2s1 table admin
ip rule add to table admin
ip rule add from table admin