Yo. In general, I decided to learn how to create discord bots, but there was one tiny problem, I can’t install discord.py. When I try, this appears. What is needed in this case for installation?

Thanks in advance.

If you have installed Python, then most likely you just need to run the python installation again and at the end click on the "DISABLE PATH LIMIT" button, you need to select the custom installation, and you also need to check the box when installing "ADD TO PATH", and it is desirable to install for all users. It is also advisable to refuse Russian folder names, because due to the peculiarities of windows encoding, this can become a problem.

videx2022-02-08 06:45:13

Thanks, all worked well!

WYILJACK2022-02-08 06:45:13

It would be nice if you marked my answer as correct.

videx2022-02-07 16:26:56