I have a Windows computer. On it the TCP server is lifted. You need to connect to this server from the Android application. Question -how to organize a physical communication channel between a computer and an android device (phone or tablet)?

Internet access is not available. Wireless connections are highly discouraged. The distance between the android and the computer is about 1-2 meters.

Plug into USB and forward port through adb?

andreymal2022-02-05 12:09:13

@andreymal adb will have to be run by hand every time? I wanted to set everything up once for a specific pair, and then have the network connection rise automatically without user intervention immediately after connecting the cable

Anton Shchyrov2022-02-05 12:15:16

Unfortunately, I haven't heard of this possibility.

andreymal2022-02-05 12:16:09

@andreymal then the question is: let's say adb will start some service that will monitor the connection of the device. But I still don't understand how to run it? adb connect establishes a connection to the TCP server on the android, but I need it in the opposite direction when the android is a client. Maybe there are some hardware solutions? Like EthernetToUsb?

Anton Shchyrov2022-02-05 12:23:00

@andreymal I found this article ichip.ru/sovety/ekspluataciya/…

Anton Shchyrov2022-02-05 12:25:12