There is 80GB on sda3. 40GB occupies the vg-ubuntu--lv partition under /which is completely full.

The rest of the memory on sda3 (also about 40) is free and is not used by the directory (as I understand it). I want to take advantage of these remaining unallocated GBs.

It doesn't really matter whether it's a new directory or an extension of an existing one. I just need this memory. Heavy software installation required.

Tell me how I can better solve this problem.

The /partition contains important files that should not be affected.

not_cartman_erick2022-02-06 18:02:55

so, just increase the root lvresize /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv -r -L +10G PS: and for the future, post text, not pictures ...

Fat-Zer2022-02-06 18:36:39

It's so simple.. Thank you it helped me!

not_cartman_erick2022-02-06 18:41:12