I want the path to contain no Russian characters. How to change "Desktop" to English?

Believe it or not, %userprofile%\desktop on Windows is the correct path to the desktop. Another thing is that if there is Cyrillic in the username, then the problem will still remain.

Yaant2022-02-13 15:16:09

When I open the path to the folder on the desktop, then in this path, instead of the necessary Deskop, I see "Desktop" and the software in which I work does not recognize Russian characters.

SirJegor2022-02-13 15:33:28
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    Actually, the desktop is located in the folder:C:\Users\...username...\DesktopYou can use this path -it will direct you to the desktop.

    I need the path to the folder on the desktop, when I open it, to be completely in English.

    SirJegor2022-02-13 15:35:18

    C:\Users\Ya\Desktop\NewPapka is the path I copied from my File Explorer (above), opening the folder I just created on my desktop. The path is entirely in English.

    janeya2022-02-13 15:41:43

    C:\Users\djego\OneDrive\Desktop\lab2 -I have a path with "Desktop"

    SirJegor2022-02-13 15:52:09

    Interesting... And what kind of Windows -XP, 7, 10, 11?

    janeya2022-02-13 15:53:27

    I have windows 10 pro

    SirJegor2022-02-13 16:07:56